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Our mission is to creatively tell your story, the way you want it told. Team up with Tomeka Jones, LLC and we'll bring your story to life.

  • Influencer Services
    • When the times comes to market a new product or service and increase your company’s brand awareness, Tomeka offers:
      • Social media take overs
      • Blog posts 
      • Brand ambassador programs
      • Hotel & Resort reviews
      • Airline & Cruise line reviews
      • Gifting
      • Giveaways
  • Talk Show Sponsorship 
    • Travel & Lifestyle Conversations is a weekly online talk show created and hosted by Tomeka to inform, engage, and entertain viewers and listeners with feel-good conversations in the areas of travel and lifestyle. Share your brand or business logo on the show to help boost awareness for your business.
  • Video Production
    • Short and long form show series, corporate communications, and campaigns videos 
  • Keynote Speaker — Event Emcee/Host – Webinar Host — Spokesperson
    • Many public and/or virtual gatherings need a vibrant and energetic personality to deliver a message, create engagement, and pump up a crowd. Tomeka has years of experience entertaining small and large groups of conference participants, event attendees, delivering powerful and inspiring keynote messages, as well as executing live appeals for non-profit organizations
  • Tomeka offers extensive media coaching for individuals, corporate teams, and executives looking to improve your interviewing skills for public and/or television appearances. She’ll show you interview ‘Dos and Don’ts’, how to control the conversation, develop and deliver your narrative, be mindful of your body language, and most importantly – ways to relax and remain calm in front of an audience.  
  • Tomeka Jones, LLC can customize a media course specifically designed for your students needs to learn more about the field of Journalism. The curriculum will focus on writing, producing, photography, as well as editing. Your course will cater to students with a particularly interested in Broadcast Journalism.  

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