Tomeka Speaks


Virtuoso Travel Week August 2024, Professional Development Keynote


Themes: DEI, Empowerment, Team Building, Culture

 Emmy award-winning journalist, Tomeka Jones incorporates her 20 years of storytelling into an informative and powerful presentation for professionals seeking to grow their business and build a diverse client roster. Tomeka has engaged luxury travel advisors on behalf of the elite global network Virtuoso, about the advantages of exerting their power to diversify.

During this empowering presentation, Tomeka’s genuine and personable approach helps participants better understand the benefits of promoting an inclusive culture along with tactical diverse marketing and advertising strategies to help each with more insight to scale their business.


  • Benefits of promoting an inclusive culture
  • 5 ways to recruit clients with diverse backgrounds
  • Tips on how exert your power to diversify


Think Like a Journalist: Unlocking Opportunities Through Storytelling

Themes: Motivational, Leadership, Mindset, Diversity and Inclusion

Through the art of storytelling, Tomeka's work as a 20-year veteran journalist has inform and engage audiences worldwide. In this keynote speech, Tomeka's uses her expertise to help participants identify ways to craft their narrative.

As a former Reporter and Producer for CNN, one of the most prestigious media outlets in the world. Tomeka applies her skills and experience by demonstrating how personal anecdotes, real-life examples, and emotional connections can open doors to new possibilities.

This powerful and compelling presentation will empower participants to unlock their potential to tell their stories in a unique way, ultimately leading to the discovery and pursuit of untapped opportunities.  


  • 5 W's to identifying your angle, interview yourself, and find the hook - Crafting Your Narrative
  •  Tips to  Identify Your Storytelling Style –That’s engaging your audience. 
  •  How to Leverage - Your Story, Tell it, Share it to align with the values and needs of each opportunity.    


Adventure Mindset: Building the Courage to Chase Your Dreams 

Themes: Determination, Belonging, Resilience, Culture

It’s not always easy hop on a plane to foreign country or change career paths the older you get, but with enough courage and determination. You can rack up passport stamps and new career talents.


  • Navigate discomfort – step out of your comfort zone by allowing discomfort to become a companion instead of distraction.
  • Conquer Peaks of self-doubt – getting on skis for the first time or taking a trip to a new country, it all involves some up and downs of self-doubt. One step forward helps build resilience and courage.
  • Surfs up to uncertainty – ride the wave of uncertainty with an adventure mindset. You know you’ll encounter challenges learning how to surf and hitting that first wave, but you keep at it until you ride out the wave successfully.


Destination Focused: How to Stay on Path to Reach Your Goals 

Themes: Leadership, Determination, Future of Work, Inspirational  

Traveler: “SIRI, can you give me directions to my next destination?” Siri: “You will take a right turn away from fear, a left turn towards success, a stay straight on focused road, no u-turns allowed, a right turn away from self-doubt, and you’ve arrived at your destination of success”  


  • Define Your Destination – Do you clearly know the goal(s) you want to achieve? You need a vision for your goals like a traveler needs a map for directions which ultimately leads to a destination. 
  • Embrace the Detours – Life challenges and detours are inevitable so consider embracing them as opportunities to grow and discover hidden gems. 
  • Travel Light, Let Go of Baggage – It’s not always easy for travelers to pack light, but it helps make the experience lite and easier. Remove unnecessary baggage like self-doubt and fears to more freely to your achieving your dreams.